Waxing & Threading

Back Wax
Bikini Wax
Brazilian Wax
Brow & Lip Wax
Brow Wax
Chest Wax
Chin Wax
Face Sides Wax
Forearm Wax
Full Leg Wax
Half Leg Wax
Lip Wax
Nostril Wax
Underarm Wax


Threading is an ancient art of hair removal technique using 100% cotton thread. Eyebrow threading is the practice of shaping the eyebrows. It is integral part of the art of body. It has recently gained popularity in western countries .For women or men who would like to pursue a more natural beauty, eyebrow threading is good choice since there is no use of harmful products.




Eyebrow Threading
Upper Lip Threading
Chin Threading
SideBurn Threading
Forhead Threading
Neck Threading
Full-Face Threading


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